Software to help teachers teach & children learn

School tablet control with ClassConnect

Control & Management of School Technology

ClassConnect technology management software has been designed specifically for use within the school environment. Having won numerous awards for it’s simple-to-use classroom controls, teachers can easily control devices, adjust learning outcomes, customise content and monitor individuals, while still encouraging classroom collaboration.

School teacher tablet management
Live viewing of school tablets with ClassView

ClassView provides both class-wide or individual student monitoring and interaction. Teachers are presented with a simple view of all devices in the classroom and can simultaneously view all students screens, in real-time, to ensure they are on task, or to display a single students work to the rest of the class.

School parental engagement with ClassBoard

The ClassBoard Smartphone App is a free, innovative and simple-to-use tool which helps teachers to involve parents and guardians in their child’s day-to-day learning. It lets teachers quickly and easily share photographs and videos directly from the classroom, giving the parents an inside view of their child’s education as it happens.

School online document storage with ClassCloud

ClassCloud was designed as a secure and school-appropriate solution to problem of file management in the classroom. It enables students to simply share photos, videos or documents from their tablet devices, providing all teachers with an visual and easy way to store, search and distribute classwork among the school.

Simple Classroom Technology