Giving teachers control of their lesson plan

Designed by teachers, for teachers

Simple ICT for school teachers

Learning is at the heart of everything Avantis does; all their products have been designed specifically and solely for education.

Integrating technology into the classroom can be a challenging task. Avantis products take the hassle out of managing tablets on a large scale, with the ability to install Apps remotely to all devices at once. Teachers can control which resources are available to pupils at the click of a button, allowing for focussed learning without distractions.

LearnPad’s secure web-based portal system also enables teachers to stream pupils’ screens and send files over the air, which offers incredible possibilities for collaboration and sharing. Avantis has a dedicated team of experienced teachers who offer ongoing educational support to customers and constantly strive to improve the experience of using technology for schools.

Using IT to help teachers teach

Simple Classroom Technology