SNAPS - an operating system for large classroom displays

Reinventing the way whiteboards are used

Large school display operating system
SNAPS Operating System for School Interactive Boards

A brand new interface has been designed specifically for use with large interactive screens which sit at the front of the classroom: SNAPS.

SNAPS is supplied on all new Avantis Murus classroom displays, in both 65″ and 70″ sizes.

SNAPS are resizable ‘panels’ or ‘work areas’ that allow teachers to quickly and easily access the tools or content they need, such as a web browser, a drawing pad, a calculator or images and documents.

Multipoint touchscreen for student work
School Interactive Display Lessons

Dynamically adding SNAPS allows teachers to deliver lessons in an ad hock, yet structured way, with no need to plan or create templates ahead of time.

Choose a topic, use a browser to research it, easily drag images from the web, make notes or write questions for group discussion, then add a task and share the board directly to student’s tablets or devices.

SNAPS are quick and easy to use and reduce the need for time consuming lesson preparation.

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