Wireless Charging for LearnPads, iPads & Classbooks

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Wireless IT charging for schools
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Wirelessly Charge Devices

The true innovation of ClassCharge is its simplicity; being able to charge a device without plugging it in, or worry about where to place it, makes a stress-free classroom for both pupils and teachers.

ClassCharge does this by using revolutionary inductive wireless charging technology. It’s embedded in the shelves of our Tectus iPad Charging Unit, as well as the iPad Charging Cases themselves – With patent pending magnetic locating systems that align and securely charge LearnPads, iPads, and Classbooks with zero hassle.

Inductive charging works by passing an electrical current through a transmitter coil to generate a magnetic field. When a similar coil, in a receiver module, is placed within a few millimeters of the transmitter coil, the magnetic field from the transmitter induces a current in the receiver coil, producing a charge for the device that it is connected to.

8 & 16 Shelf Wireless Tablet Charging Units

Wireless charging storage units for schools

The Tectus 8-Shelf charging unit can wirelessly and securely charge 8 devices, with the benefit of a quick access charging tile on its top…

iPad Air & mini Wireless Charging Cases

iPad wireless charging cases for schools

Just place your cased iPad Air or mini into a ClassCharge storage unit and battery charging begins automatically without plugs or wires…

Workbook Tablet Wireless Charging

Learnpad wireless charging cases for schools

Securing your LearnPad devices in a ClassCharge case gives two benefits: It protects from wear, and can be charged without cables…

Wireless Charging School Laptop

Wireless charing for school laptops

The 14″ Classbook can be safely charged within the 16 shelf Tectus storage unit – ready for school tomorrow without a wire or plug in sight…

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