Teaching tools for secondary schools

Designed from the ground up to work with your classroom

Simple ICT for Secondary Schools

Award-winning hardware, software and teaching accessories from Avantis, have very specific benefits for secondary schools. The solution unifies and simplifies the diverse needs of teachers, IT technicians and leadership teams throughout the school.

Clear benefits to the senior leadership team include the lowest total cost of any educational tablet solution, together with no on-going costs. Complete supervision and control of all devices allows both managers and teachers to interact and view the tablets in real-time, ensuring pupils remain on task with the lesson plan.

A large range of prepared curriculum-based content covers Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 learning, with the options for teachers to access KS1 and 2 material for lowering attaining students.

A number of Avantis ‘Leader Schools’ are also placed throughout the UK and ready to provide direct support and guidance to secondary schools in their local area when required.

Senior School Pupil in ICT lesson

Simple Classroom Technology