Familiar learning with Microsoft Windows OS

Instant integration from the worlds most popular operating system

Windows 10 Tablets for schools
Windows 10 in schools


Microsoft’s latest Operating System – Windows 10, is a truly multi-platform piece of software which can be installed on a range of classroom devices – from traditional desktop PCs through to school tablets.

The Avantis Workbook 10.1 can be pre-installed with Windows 10. Both teachers and students will already be familiar with the Start menu, taskbar and desktop, ensuring everyone can get up and running fast.

Windows 10 provides schools with a powerful and feature-rich environment straight out of the box. The Avantis Workbook has the ability to simply integrate Active Directory technology, and enables you to quickly and easily add the Workbook into your existing IT environment.

Microsoft Office365 for schools
Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote for schools


As a Windows device, the Workbook will give you a first class Office 365 experience, allowing both teachers and students to work seamlessly across all technology within the school.

From simply sharing Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations between teachers, through to students collaborating on Microsoft Word documents, the Workbook makes the transition seamless.

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