Operating Systems that work with your school

Choose the familiarity of Windows or the classroom-tailored systems of LearnPad & SNAPS

LearnPad School Operating System


Designed for the classroom

The LearnPad environment enables simple control and supervision through a range of features designed solely to help children maintain focus on the lesson plan, whilst staying safe and providing real-time control with live classroom views for teachers…

School Interactive Screen Operating System


Designed for large interactive screens

The SNAPS operating system allows schools to subdivide large front-of-class screens into numerous subsections, adjusting the emphasis of each ‘snap’ as required to make the most of the display for their particular lesson objective…

School tablets with Windows operating system

Windows 10 OS

The worlds most popular operating system

Windows 10 is the latest version of Microsofts Operating System, which is used in offices and schools throughout the world. Offering an instantly familiar interface, it will integrate seamlessly with other Windows-based technology in school…

Simple Classroom Technology