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If you’re passionate about making a positive impact on education and have an interest in virtual reality, then Avantis is the place for you!

Why Avantis

Why Avantis?

For over 20 years, Avantis Education has been reinventing how technology is used within schools. We support teachers to raise attainment and simplify the use of classroom technology with our award-winning products, including ClassVR – a groundbreaking virtual reality solution designed specifically for education.
Did you know that we retain 10% of what we read, but we absorb 75% of what we experience? That’s why virtual reality is becoming a crucial learning tool and revolutionising how students engage and learn in the classroom.

Our global, fast-paced organisation is always looking for innovative ways to enhance education, and our fantastic team is integral to that!

Careers at Avantis

Ambitious & Passionate Team

Who doesn’t love virtual reality? Here at Avantis we collaborate, innovate, love and believe in our solutions to drive success and impact the future of learning for students worldwide.

Careers at Avantis

Award-winning Solutions

Our solutions are award-winning and globally recognised as one of the leading virtual reality providers for schools.

Careers at Avantis

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No matter what your role, you’ll be integral to our goal of transforming education around the globe. If you want to make a difference to the future of learning, join our global team!

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